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How to Prepare for an Inspection

Plan for your pets removed from the house during the inspection or crated for everyone’s safety and it allows the inspector to do a full look of the property.

Make sure all utilities are on to ensure all appliances, lights, switches, and outlets are working properly.

For gas appliances ignite all appliances if not already lit, inspectors are not permitted to ignite pilot lights for liability reasons.

Security System is turned off.

Ensure all doors are unlocked, unbolted and not blocked. Leave keys to sheds, garage door manual lock, other electrical box, etc (with any special directions).

Leave clear access around water heater, furnace, and electrical panel plus access to main shut off for gas, water and electric.

Provide access to the attic, crawl space, basement and garage, if these areas are used for storage move items from the walls at least two feet.

Ensure access to exterior surfaces, decks, patios, walkways, etc…

Clear area around the house exterior foundation of leaves, brush, garbage, snow, etc.